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Pragmatum provides many products and services for schools to enable them to utilize technology effectively.

  1. Technology Aided Teaching: These support the teaching process and help in raising the studentís performance through innovative methods of teaching, learning and evaluative tools. In addition, tools are provided for teachers (for communication, scheduling, knowledge management, creation of lesson plans, worksheets and assignments).
  2. VSAT & Internet based Education for Career Programs: Satellite technology and the Internet play a vital role in bridging the distance barrier between providers and consumers, who are geographically dispersed. This Live and Interactive Learning Platform enables students to have engaging interface with domain experts and fellow students across the country and has redefined access to education. In our partner schools we also provide coaching to students for the various career courses like IITJEE, Medical etc. after school.
  3. Pragmatum provides integrated Education Process Management Solutions and Consultancy to Educational Institutes. We offer accurate real-time information and Knowledge Management systems to the various stakeholders of an Educational Institute. It is uniquely aligned to meet the needs and budgets of diverse schools and colleges throughout the country. It creates superior teaching and learning environment where all stakeholders collaborate for overall development of child.
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