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Pragmatum provides many products and services for teachers to enable them to utilize technology effectively. We will do all we can to support our teachers in their efforts to bring quality and new and innovative practices into the classroom and school. We will also help them to build up their capabilities as teaching professionals so that they are more able to guide their students in their growing years. Besides updating themselves on changes in content and teaching methods, teachers will also pick up skills that will enable them to be more creative and innovative and also to pass on these skills to their students.

Studies conducted in recent years demonstrate that information and communication technologies (ICT) can help to broaden access to education and improve learning outcomes. Research has also shown, however, that success in the use of ICT in education depends largely on the ability of teachers to integrate ICT into the teaching process. Therefore, training teachers to be able to use ICT is crucial for achieving improved educational outcomes with ICT. Pragmatum provides this training to teachers.

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