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Pragmatum is focused on three biggest career foundation skills Mathematics, English and Science. We build structured content modules in these three areas. This expertise built in these areas is then packaged to end-users as Programs based on their objectives. For instance for students who have aspirations to become engineers there is a package called "The Power Coaching" for engineering. Each Program is broken down to each and every lecture, tests and feedback sessions.

Pragmatum delivers this content through its own physical centers, partners (franchises) and online channels. The company embraces technology to make the distribution of content highly available. It is currently using an online platform and VSAT channel of HughesNet to distribute its content. The lectures are recorded such that students can access them from home.

  • Structured Content

    • Education by Objectives

    • Content built/bought as modules
      • Assignments, Tests, Feedback

    • Modules Packaged into Programs sold under a brand

    • Eliminates need for domain expert faculty member

    • Productive sessions
      • Eliminates the need for writing lecture notes
      • Content available online before lectures

  • Technology Platform

    • Hughes Partnership to distribute lectures using VSAT to

    • Online platform
      • Performance tracking and feedback
      • Online videos of lectures
      • Library of content
      • Testing platform
      • Community of students grouped by objectives


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