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Pragmatum strives to be leading supplemental education provider for three core subjects - English, Mathematics and Science. The company develops content in these three disciplines and packages them in different modules under different brands to meet the needs of customer. Founded in 2004, the company owns the fastest growing brand in IIT JEE in Delhi and is planning to expand vertically in Math, Science and English Coaching for students in Class 9 12.

The Key success factors for Pragmatum are:

  • Standardized content: Pragmatum believes in Education by Objectives. With this philosophy in mind the company has invested in building standardized content modules that can put together to meet an objective. This makes the course progress independent of the faculty. This allows us to tap into a wider market of instructors to exercise cost control while delivering high quality education.
  • Low cost of operations: Pragmatum partners with schools to use their facilities for its coaching locations. The schools provide excellent infrastructure and locations that are convenient to students. We also keep small counseling center for interaction with parents. This gives us flexibility to open classroom centers at multiple locations without adding to cost substantially.
  • Technology: The Company has a tie up with HughesNet to deliver its lectures to remote areas using VSAT backbone. The company has built a unique online testing and content distribution platform. This platform is used to test students online, to distribute video lectures, to distribute assignments and also to create a community of students with similar career aspirations. This has made the availability of content 24X7 while reducing the cost of operations for Pragmatum. The company expects that its investment in online technologies will enable it to gain scale quickly in future.
  • Low customer acquisition cost: We are the only education setup in India to have a direct sales force that caters to the need of individual students and parent unlike others who rely entirely on advertising. This innovative personalized marketing approach has resulted in low customer acquisition cost.


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